04-03-2017 Coming back to life

We are proud to announce that we have finished the final mix for the follow-up to 2014's Odium Humani Generis. The album will be mastered in the coming days and weeks and we will share more information about our new album in the near future.

We can also announce we will return to Switzerland and Denmark in the coming months. Please see our LIVE page and our Facebook for more information.

21-09-2015 New album and new shows in Eastern Europe

Currently we are hard at work on our follow-up to last year's Odium Humani Generis. Expect a release in the first half of 2016. We're working hard to make it kick ass!

We are also going to Eastern Europe at the end of the year, playing - among others - the great Orthodox Club in the Czech Republic once more on new year's eve. Contact us if you are interested in booking us around this time at Be there!

05-12-2014 Shows, t-shirts and other merchandise

We just returned from our trips to Switzerland and before that to the Czech Republic. We'd like to thank everybody who came out and made these shows memorable. Until next time!

Besides that, we have some new merch for sale, starting with our new Odium Humani Generis t-shirts and girlies:

(design by Moornebheym)

It is available both as a regular t-shirt and a girlie in the sizes S, M, L and XL. You can order yours by sending an e-mail to with your order details. The t-shirt is €10,- excl. shipping.

We also put the releases we still have available up for sale on our DISCOGRAPHY page. If you want to order any of the available releases, follow the instructions on that page.

01-09-2014 Live dates, tape release and more reviews

We are proud to announce that we will be visiting the Czech Republic for the first time for two live shows in November! These live dates van be found on the LIVE page.

On top of that the tape for Odium Humani Generis has been released today by Zwaertgevegt. You can get your copy through their website. There are also some new reviews that have come in for the album (all in English):

Occult Black Metal Zine
Metal Temple
Ultimate Ululation

30-07-2014 Odium Humani Generis tape release

Our debut album Odium Humani Generis will be released on tape on September 1st by Zwaertgevegt. It will be limited to 66 copies, so be sure to get yours in time!

23-05-2014 Odium Humani Generis reviews

Our debut album Odium Humani Generis has been out for almost two months now! Here's a list of the reviews that have come in so far:

Album Feeds (8/10) (English/Dutch)
Pest Webzine (8/10) (English)
Feedback Metal (no score) (English)
Ave Noctum (7,5/10) (English)
Zware Metalen (76/100) (Dutch)
Lords of Metal (60/100) (Dutch HERE/English HERE)

04-05-2014 Dark Mental Festival

We have been confirmed to play at the Dark Mental Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 17th. For more information on the festival, check out their website.

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