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Ten years ago, Weltschmerz was founded by Hreim, Valr and Hręsvelg. The band quickly took to the stage and started to build a reputation for its live performances. After several years, the band released its first full-length album Odium Humani Generis through Immortal Frost Productions in 2014. The album was well received and shows throughout Europe followed.

On October 26th, Weltschmerz is set to release their second full-length record Illustra Nos through Redefning Darkness Records. The album showcases the band's unique approach to black metal and lays the foundation for the next chapter in the band's history.

What the press has written about Illustra Nos:

"All in all, Illustra Nos is an incredible black metal album that channels all the greatness of the 90s black metal scene and adds a lot of modern and progressive elements to it, resulting in a unique, yet traditional sound that is sure to be enjoyed by fans of oldschool and modern black metal alike." - Metal Soliloquy

"In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Weltschmerz and if you are a fan of raw and aggressive black metal, you should check out this album." 8/10 - Occult Black Metal Zine

"As far as I am concerned, this is a major step forward for this Dutch band. 'Illustra Nos' can serve for both fans of trve nineties black metal as for lovers of the recent wave of atmospheric black metal." 8/10 - Lords of Metal



Weltschmerz is formed by Valr (drums), Hręsvelg (guitar) and Hreim (vocals)
Debut EP Cry For War is released
Vidar joins on bass later in the year


First live shows


Promo 2011 is released
4-way split Dutch and Canadian Annihilation is released by Zwaertgevegt


Eitr joins Weltschmerz on guitar
First international show (Germany)


First show in Belgium
Weltschmerz parts ways with Vidar


First full-length album Odium Humani Generis is released by Immortal Frost Productions
First shows in France, Denmark, Switzerland and the Czech Republic


More shows at home and abroad


Recording of second full-length album commences


Weltschmerz parts ways with Eitr and Hreim, though Eitr keeps supporting the band as a live member
The band is now a two-piece


Second full-length album Illustra Nos is released by Redefining Darkness Records


4-way split The Nefarious Order is released on vinyl by Zwaertgevegt

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